Tuesday, 13 July 2010

OMG! I've Just become an Ordained Priest!

OMG! I've just become an Ordained Priest of the Church of the Latter-Day Dudes! Coo-el!

I can't believe it! I've wanted to do this since...ohhh...let me think....since I saw it on some random guy's site earlier this evening! Isn't the Internet just the coolest??? I'm beginning to worry that I'm getting an online American accent. Bovered? Me? Ahm ah bovered? (Think that's sorted it!)


I got a certificate an everything! - it's embossed!

I've even got a new link badge on the site (did you notice it?)

Isn't it brilliant when you have days where you end up doing something that you had absolutely no clue about when you woke up? Doesn't it add a bit of mystery to life? 

Come to think of it, most days are like that for me.

My whole life is a mystery.

JUST AS WELL I'M AN ORDAINED PRIEST THEN, ISN'T IT? I can go and meditate/chill, and ask myself deep and meaningless questions. 

Of course, I could do that before (and did), but it wasn't the same. Now that I'm a priest, I can do it professionally, as it were.

PLUS - according to the Church of the Latter-Day Dudes website, I can now officiate over weddings in certain states! How cool is THAT!? Of course, this is an American-based site (again, of course!), so I reckon I'll have a bit of a hunt to find anywhere in Britain that will recognise my newly acquired Dudeist Priest credentials. But, hey! who cares? I've never been a priest before! 

As Dudeism is based on the teachings of "The Dude" in the film "The Big Lebowski", (very loosely, and I stress, very loosely, combined with the basic ideals of Buddhism and Taoism) I think that the official garb of my new priest status is a bathrobe. That's cool. Can do. And that the main teachings of my new found religion are "Take it easy, man". Also, fine by me.

I reckon my next task will be to establish my own country online, specifically so that I can nominate Dudeism as the Official Religion, and bathrobes as the official National costume. Excellent!

World domination draws ever nearer!

Watch this space.....! (it doesn't do anything, except give you something to focus on)......

(seriously, you can stop now)

(really - you're beginning to freak me out a bit, man)


Anji said...

I've been meaning to join myself for a while.

BTW; Welcome to EYB!

Andy D said...

Welcome to EYB. I think you should set up an online church. You could have daily bible verses, an all important sermon, and of course, the virtual collection plate.

Good luck!

Brand New day said...

Hey Andy, thanks for the suggestions - I particularly like the collection plate idea (I had thought I'd have some fun with confessions, but the collection plate sounds far more profitable!)

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's like awesome, and stuff.

Brand New Day said...

Yeah, but I'm beginning to feel the pressure of expectation in my new role as a prophet of the Dude. A neighbour wanted me to, like, cure them of leprosy today. I told him go chill, and not come back until I'd finished my tequila.

Alistair said...

..got any worshippers yet? Only I suppose you should walk around in a fancy frock and talk to people in a patronising voice now that you're a priest an'stuff!

Brand New Day said...

That's what I did BEFORE I got ordained - no need to become a priest to walk around in a fancy frock talking to people in a patronising voice......lol!