Friday, 30 July 2010

Feelgood Friday #3

Is anyone else wondering where last week went? Actually, where did the whole of July go? Just as I was getting into it!

I'd like to take this opportunity (where I'm not writing anything, 'cos it's a visual joke only day), to welcome new readers and followers (it's also a perfect chance to annoy Cheese Puff by rubbing it in, hehe!), especially those joining us from Face book, and those of you from Yahoo! who are bored - you know who you are!

Hey Dudes, have a good weekend! Abide!

P.S. "Bored" readers - I know this is a short post, so I  recommend you visit Quasi's Mojo for loads of funny pics, and Divaprincez for Hollywood gossip (she actually lives there and takes lots of the pics herself - I've decided I'm famous by association 'cos she follows me!)

P.P.S. Hi Nextbest, thanks for best answer vote, hope you stay with us!

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