Monday, 12 July 2010

Million Dollar Mum

Now and again, something (or someone!) happens that inspires me to write a piece of poetry.
My mother is a constant source of amazement to me. Whatever life throws at her, she catches, and handles with grace and aplomb. I wrote this poem for her years ago, before the advent of the National Lottery (thus the reference to the "pools" - a national sweep stake here in the UK which she used to enter regularly).

Whatever I wrote, I would never be able to fully capture what a wonderful, magical person she is, and how fortunate I feel to have her as my mother.

Million Dollar Mum

I wish my Mum could win the pools.
It really would be grand,
'Cos, in her dream, it goes like this
(Just so you understand):

First, she'd have to tell my Dad,
To let him know about it.
But could she say it calmly,
Or would she loudly SHOUT IT!?

The next thing that is on her list -
A house for each of us,
And, of course, a car per head
To save us going by bus.

And then we'd have our holidays
To somewhere quite exotic.
The kids could play in sun and sand,
While the grown-ups get intoxic (-ated).

Yes, she'd take away our problems,
Our worries and our fears.
But, what Mum doesn't realise is
She's been doing that for years.

She's made each of her family
Rich beyond compare,
'Cos we have the wealth of knowing
That Mum is always there.

Sure, the cash would come in handy,
Pay some bills along the way.
But my Mum's love is tax-free
And withdrawable every day.

It's a one in a million chance she'd win.
But, then again, who knows?
'Cos she's a one in a million mother
And it's the type of thing she does!

My Fabulous Mum!


Alistair said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Word count creeping up again!
But excusable when describing your Fabulous Mum