Monday, 23 August 2010

A Philosopical Post

Is Fate Accompli...?


Anonymous said...

No. Fate is not a fait accompli. If we don't have control over our fate, we at least have the illusion of control over our fate.

Brand New Day said...

I see you have entered into the spirit of philosophy, *Doug*! (looking over half-moon spectacles)

In response to your observation, I say:
Or could it just be an *illusion* of an illusion of having control over our fate? Nha'ha! (scientist equivelant of baddie laugh).

"When the finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger" (Buddhist proverb)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the illusion of having control over our fate is itself an illusion, doesn't that mean that we do, in fact, have control of our fate?

My answer is still "No," to fate accompli.

Also, I think the word illusion has lost all meaning to me.

"When Doug Stephens points at the moon, everyone looks at Doug because he is so freaking handsome." (Dougish Proverb)

Brand New Day said...

"When everyone points at Doug Stephens, they are generally laughing"

Kissmyarts said...

I'm pink, therefor I'm spam

'nuff said, really