Friday, 20 August 2010

Feelgood Friday #6

Hello to Feelgood Friday, our visual joke only, no blabbing rubbish from me, day! (Well, you can all only live in hope! day it might actually happen, and the five of you will be left feeling bereft and abandoned!)

I began this week with the shock announcement that the Klingons are planning to invade Scotland (oh yeah, and the rest of planet Earth, too), in my post The Klingons are Coming, at the end of which, I had placed a photo of Patrick Stewart (or J.L., as he likes me to refer to him) wearing a kilt. I got a comment from a new follower about the kilt pic., so I decided to enlighten him as to the "babe magnet" potential of the kilt in my post How to Wear a Kilt. During my research for which, I made the amazing discovery that kilts are possibly the one thing that will bring Earthlings and alien beings together to live in peace and harmony - Kilts: Could They Save the Known Universe?, a post that had a nice symmetry about it and kinda brought the whole week together, I thought.

I didn't learn any new computer tricks (a.k.a. basics that I actually need to know in order to do stuff). Instead, I spent my time having ridiculously funny chats with fellow bloggers, making new friends, and almost starting a fisticuffs fight! Excellent week for me then - job done (except the learning stuff part)!

I did notice that I seemed to have several new fans reading from Italy. Italy??? But I haven't even started fighting with the Italians (they'd surrender too quickly - ouch! did I write that out loud? That's just the type of careless comment that starts a fight........!). Some research revealed that they were coming from a Gerard Butler mad-fan site. One of them had clocked my pic of him in the How to Wear a Kilt post. He was the one in the pink jumper. The one where I couldn't decide whether or not he looked like a pansy-boy (no offence to any pink readers, it's a term of endearment, really!). His mad-fans seem to have been taken aback by the fact that I was "confused" by his choice of jumper colour (fine in Italy, still a bit suspect in Scotland), and his holding the sword in what can only be described as a phallic manner, and they actually slagged me off in their chat forum!!! How very dare they?

 It got me quite a few page hits though. Which is why I'm now going to place another photo of him............

Gerard Butler fights like a girl.

.........and one of another Scottish actor, Dougray Scott, who I think is much better looking than Gerard Butler, AND a more talented actor...............nyah nyah nyah! (may as well see if there are any Dougray Scott mad-fan sites who find this!)

Dougray Scott - far more handsome and talented than Gerard Butler.

And, just in case that's not enough to draw them out, I'm going to put my new-found hyper-link-tag-thingy skill to use, and I'm gonna tag this post "Gerard Butler"............that should [polite cough] irritate them!

Apologies for so much talk on Feelgood Friday visual joke only day, but then I'm sure you, dear readers, understand that I couldn't resist the temptation!

Okay, here's the cartoon now!



Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoyed seeing a bunch of guys wearing plaid skirts this week (sacrcasm? I don't know the meaning of the word) I will be glad when you start writing about something else. Anything else.

Kind of neat how you had a theme this week, though.

Michele said...

First, Gerard looked fooking mad-hot in that leather kilt and pink jumper!! Second, remind me when I'm done with this post to find that pic of Patrick Stewart, who is still hot! Oh, and although I haven't seen enough of Dougray's work to chime in on who's a better actor, I do know that you'd be hard pressed to find a kinder, more generous, more real person than Gerard. Sure he can be rough around the edges at times (some of my favorite times!), a bit of a dork (God, I love it when he's being a dork!), and he has the audacity to not always look like King Leonidas (How DARE he be human!), but I wouldn't change a thing about him. And, yes, I do belong to one of his mad-fan sites!

Brand New Day said...

Doug Stevens - Yes, I can believe you've had a stick-belly full of all things Scottish, on all fronts, this week! Don't worry, abnormal service will be resumed just as soon as I can find it!

Michele - Wow! Gerard Butler mad-fan site fan! I'm really chuffed you came over and left a comment - AND IT'S FUNNY! Thank you for being such a great sport! I don't know that much about GB, 'cept that he's Scottish. Check out Dougray Scott, I think they're the same kinda guys. I'm gonna look up Gerard being King Leonides, then possibly come and join your GB fan site, lol! Thanks for dropping by, Michele, hope to see you again. :)

timethief said...

Girl you are a caution. I think I like you and your blog too. You're growing on me without becoming a cling-on . ;)

klahanie said...

Hi, did you miss me? I've noted you are getting loads of new blogging friends. And Italians to top it off. Can life get any better than that. Next thing you know, you might get a comment from some old Canadian dude living in England.
Have a good weekend.

Brand New Day said...

Of course we missed you Klahanie - you were noticeable by your absence! Glad you're back! :)

bazza said...

Hi I was one who arrived here via Klahanie's blog. I have never seen so many men in kilts until I visited here! (But then I'm a wee sassenach).

Brand New Day said...

Hiya Bazza, don't worry - I think I've done enough Scottish stuff for the moment! I'm considering having a Philosophy theme next week! (*Hmmmmm...the Scottish Enlightenment....??? Scottish Inventors.....??? the Bonny Bard mebbe...???* - nah, don't worry, I'll save all that for another time!)