Friday, 6 August 2010

Feelgood Friday #4

Greetings readers! Welcome to Friday!

This week I've been thoroughly entertained by a fellow blogger Kelly's post Lightening Strikes Big Butter Jesus. Oh how I laughed!

I recommend that, after reading this, leaving a comment about how pithy and controversial my chosen cartoon is, signing-up as a follower (if you haven't done so already), you high tail it over to Kelly's site Psycho Carnival to get you set-up for the weekend.

This cartoon is in his honour! (even though I've just this minute discovered that he's only GOING ON A CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS, DAMMIT! - THAT'S NOT FUNNY!)



klahanie said...

Greetings friend,
Now, there's an excellent example of blogging at its finest.
I have had the great pleasure of interacting with Kelly for several months now. A terrific blogger and all round great guy.
Rumour has it that he will be doing a remake of that 'classic' American television show, 'Love Boat' whilst he is out there a cruisin'.
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Have a peaceful and positive weekend.
In peace, Gary :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a very pithy and controversial cartoon.

Kelly said...

Hahahaha... Oh Gary, you are a funny, funny, funny man.

Tee & hee. Now who let you in on my little 'Love Boat' secret? Would you be willing to play the part of Gopher for me? Or would you go for that?

Oh ha ha ha aha ha... ehhh... alright, then.

Anyhooo... Thanks for compliments, Gary. And don't forget to write. I'm not leaving the insane asylum just yet.

As for you, Brand New Day, I want to give you a big wet juicy kiss, complete with sticky slobber, for the big shout out to my blog. I want to, but won't... because I'm just too darned sophisticated and shit. Well, that, and I'm married. :)

And just for you, I'm going to post some outrageously beautiful pictures of the Caribbean islands we'll be visiting when the wifey and I get back. Aren't I great?

Take care!

Brand New Day said...

Yeah, thanks Kelly, photos of Caribbean Islands will be a real comfort, as I sit at my laptop, not missing the Scotish summer outside 'COS THERE ISN'T ONE! Very thoughtful of you. Cheers.

Brand New Day said...

Thanks for signing up as a follower Kelly. Glad you're gonna be keeping up with my site FROM YOUR CABIN ON YOUR CRUISE SHIP! *mutter,mutter,mutter*

Kelly said...

Lol. Awww, now... Be of good cheer, have a beer.

Sorry about your lack of summer weather. I wonder why your weather is the way it is right now. I wish I could you a little bit of the incredibly humid and uncomfortably hot summer we're experiencing here. Every freaking day it's almost a hundred degrees.

We're all sticky and sweaty from the heat. So much so- that if any of us dare to sit in a leather chair, we bring the damn chair right up with us when we try to get up.

Take care.

Brand New Day said...

You're offering me, a Scot, alcohol, eh? - that'll do it every time (I've changed it from a beer to a tequila though, if that's ok?)!
Your description of sticky leather chairs also helps temper my jealous rage...
Seriously, though, I DO wish you all the best for a superb, top rate holiday,Kelly, and bid you the PROPER Scot's farewell : "Haste Ye Back" (hurry you back).
Off to enjoy my tequila bribe now, Slante!

Kelly said...

Guess who has had the honor of being added to my blogroll?- just now.

Take a looky if yas don't believe me. :)

Brand New Day said...

Aw, Kelly, you've left me a goodbye present! Thank You - I am sincerely honoured :). You may now board The Love Boat and enjoy yourself with a clear conscience that your bribes of alcohol and free promotion have hit the spot and stopped me moaning at you (how DO we Scots get the reputation of being drunken freeloaders?)! Have lotsa fun! ;)

Ryan said...

Hi first visit to your blog but I'm becoming ever more depressed with all this chat about sunshine and cruises, as the rain belts down in this Scottish summer.

Brand New Day said...

Haha Ryan, don't worry, it was just a minor burst of reaction after I discovered that Kelly (one of the more than one Yanks who hang out here to learn what "humour" actually looks like) had spent months of scheming and planning, even going to the lengths of having booked a cruise on The Love Boat, waited till I started a blog, the befriended me, ALL IN A PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO MAKE ME JEALOUS! It's actually because HE is jealous that there are no castles, lochs or decent malt whisky where he lives. When you look at it like that, you can't really blame him, can you (plus he gives good bribes!). I don't make a habit of mentioning our weather conditions in my blog, generally 'cos I'm too busy doing the blog to be outside! I promis I have no meteorological-themed posts planned for the foreseeable future (next one on Edin Fest), so I hope you'll keep reading (after all, it's something to do when you're stuck inside 'cos it's raining, hahaha!)?!

Kelly said...

Oh now... you're just making me blush. Look at my face- all red and stuff.

Or it could be gas building up. LOOKOUT.

Don't forget about me. I'll be back before ya know it.

klahanie said...

Yo Kelly,
Look at my dedication. Gone 2:00 A.M, here and I come over to check out the ongoing fascinating interaction. Besides, your imminent 'gas explosion' put me on 'red alert'.
Kelly aka 'thunder butt' lol
Best wishes to you Kelly, and to you, our new friend, Brand New Day:-)

Brand New Day said...

Loving your subtlety, Kelly (but not the lingering smell, pew!. As a great man once didn't say "Veni, Vidi, Vecti" ("I came, I saw, I broke wind")!
Now begone on your trip, ye foul demon ;)

Brand New Day said...

Kelly - PS How could we ever forget about you? I've already booked my first counselling sessions to work through the whole Butter Jesus episode, and I'm guessing that The End of the World scenario is gonna throw up an issue or two...thinking I'll get bulk booking discount!
Nah, seriously, have a great time, Kelly. Now go away and stop dropping SBD's (silent but deadly's) in my comments section). MISSIN' YOU ALREADY!!! ;)