Friday, 13 August 2010

Feelgood Friday #5

Hello to the many thousands of you who stop anything productive you happen to be doing, to come and read my blog instead. Here we are at Friday, once again. "So soon?" I hear the five of you cry in astonishment, "I thought we were still on Wednesday???". Yup, me too.

Oh, just me then? Okay.

I managed to master the dreaded Meta Tags this week (been on my "to do" list since, ohhhh, pretty much soon as I started my blog). So that's an achievement. Just thought I'd share. I'll shut up and go away now, leave you to enjoy the cartoon, since this is my "visual only" day and all................

Before I go, though, "Welcome" to any new followers - thank you for committing yourselves (you really weren't paying attention when you hit that "follow" key, were you? - that'll teach you!), also to any new readers. Especially anyone who may happen to be looking in from the Dominican Republic (I promise I will reply to your message - been a tad busy learning HTML the last few days). This post is dedicated to you. x



klahanie said...

What's this you say? 'Hello to the many thousands...' More like countless zillions. I've even heard a rumour that you are hero worshipped by the good folks on Uranus. Now there's a result!
So Noah looked at each pair of species and told them to, 'go out and multiply.' A couple of snakes replied, 'we can't cause we're adders'.
Okay, I shall go out and check this 'Quasi's' site. Shucks, I'm such a nice guy.
Make sure you have a fun weekend.
Kind wishes and no flatulence, Gary:-)

Brand New Day said...

Thank you Klahanie, for your addition of puns, and non-addition of parps!