Friday, 27 August 2010

Feelgood Friday #7

G'day cobbers! How ya goin'?

This week was my attempt at a  philosophy-themed week.

Monday's entry, A Philosophical Post (too long and complicated to be described in this post), provoked mixed reactions, varying from one extreme  - "Wanted a lie-in, did you?" (regular reader), to the other end of the spectrum - "Absolute Genius" (The Times Online).

The next philosophical entry (or exit, depending on one's vantage point!), Le Petomane, received overwhelming critical acclaim and so much attention from the international community of philosophers, that I had little time spare to do anything except answer the 'phone (which was constantly ringing off the hook) in between giving interviews to TV, radio and other assorted media. The London School of Economics has asked me to do an opinion piece for them about the increase in employment opportunities for "Fartistes" as a direct result of my post, which highlighted this little-known (and vastly under-rated) specialist industry. My imaginary literary agent has been ecstatic, and wanted me to accept an offer of Honorary Dean at Edinburgh University, but I declined, as it would leave me little time for blogging, and I didn't want to let down the little people (you lot), who I consider to have been a constant encouragement to me over the long haul of, what is it now? - seven, mebbe even eight weeks?

I have noted, however, that my philosophical musings have encouraged some otherwise rather shy readers (you know who you are, Doug) to come out of the comments closet, as it were, to offer a serious and well considered responses to my original question on Monday. I hope you now realise that this was a mistake, waste of time a much appreciated attempt to move the discussion forward in a positive and interesting manner (!). I'll look out for your future comments so that I can ignore them, give a sarcastic reply be sure to highlight your contribution to other readers.

I also noticed that we have some readers tuning in from Australia (thus the "G'day" intro), which surprised me a little as 1/. I have no relatives or friends there who know about this blog, and 2/. can't think of any insults references to Australia/Australians in my postings so far. If you're still here, please let yourself be known, and I will endeavour to make you feel included (in other words, I dare you to raise your heads above the parapet, so I can take a potshot! - go on, it'll be fun!!!).

And so I come to the end of this post, all that is left to do is insert the cartoon, and give you a teaser for some of next weeks planned posts on the frighteningly popular "Life In A Scots Sitting Room" (changed my mind about giving you the teaser - after all this media exposure, I'm getting paranoid that someone's gonna steal one of my ideas for what have become my massively successful posts, so just going to tell you to come back next week).

But, before the cartoon, I will leave you with one of the last, big philosophical questions, yet to be answered, of our time. You may muse on it over the weekend.

What's it all about, Alfie?

Alternatively, you could decide that you couldn't give a Castlemaine 4 X, and go get drunk instead!


PS This one's for the Aussies, as I happen to know that they're in a different timezone, so it could well be Easter there (!).


klahanie said...

G'day, or G'evening, or G'morning,
You have some fans 'down under'? (No, no innuendos, Gary.)
Well, it gets better. I will now speak to you in Canadian. 'How's it goin' eh?' Canadians say 'eh' a lot eh. Note the spelling of 'Canada' C eh N eh D eh...
I'm not sure if Alfie will ever tell us. Perhaps it's just too heavy to bear thinking about.
Now then, speaking of time zones and such. I moved to England and this lady helped me fill in a form, she put my date of birth as 05/07. I said, 'excuse me, I know there is a time zone difference between here and Vancouver, but two months?' Then I found out that we do the dates in reverse here. My birthday, takes notes, is July 5th, or as I used to write it, 07/05. That is why my son's birthday is October 10, to avoid any confusion. Did that make any sense? Do I leave long comments? Happy Easter to all your Australian fans:-)
Kind wishes and a basket of eggs, your way, Gary. I'm outta' here...

Kelly said...

G' day... I am back and ready to blog the hell outta ye all with my big ol' love canon. Avast matey! Yo ho ho and a bottle of cummm.

Funny, quirky post there, lass. Thumbs up.

I did a post on Le petomane awhile back, because, as you know, I'm an admirer of farts and farting etiquette and stuff and all that and I tell ya... that due was an absolute artist when it came to lettin' loose with the ol' clouds of death. Yesiree.

Well, I gotta go back to polishing me pirate skull mug and giving my new parrot buddy a cracker treat created entirely of salty, homemade man seed. Stop by sometime so I can regal ye with tales of demented high seas adventure.

ArtformTheHeart* said...

lol, thanks for stopping by my blog, still giggling at the last comment, sorry. It's unusual for me to get Scottish visitors - hence no saltires/lion rampants in that post - but many in my store. Funny though, only ones I've sold have gone abroad so it must be all the ex-pats feeling homesick. I do feel another USA/UK type blog post coming on soon.

Ash said...

G'day cobbers! How ya goin'?

It gives humor but gives run aroung just like jokes but apprach is different.
What's it all about Alfie ?
It's funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Hi - You have a great blog and a snese of humour similar to my own. Perhaps you would guest on my blog?