Thursday, 17 June 2010

Maiden Blog

Hiya Peeps!

I've spent hours and hours over months and months daydreaming about getting connected to the Internet at home. Finally it's happened - I'm connected! I can write almost as much as I can talk - maybe even more, and the world can read me (if it chooses to, that is!). So I'm going to share my experiences, opinions and views with whoever is interested. My broadband connection is only two days old, and very glitchy so far, and this is also my maiden blog (that works on two levels, 'cos I actually am a maiden, though in the gender, not the biblical , sense, and I'm not even going to start with the whole age thing!) and I'm still setting-up my page, so it may be a bit of a bumpy ride, but Hey! - hang on!

Having the choice between giving myself time to familiarise myself with Blogger and blogging, or jumping-in at the deep end, guess what I decided to do???!.......


There are some occasions in life where the adage "Failing to plan is planning to fail" is absolutely true, and other times when it's just a boring old saying which should be left in the cupboard with the cardigan and comfy slippers, while we act spontaneously*, rushing headlong towards the fun on offer, risk assessments thrown over our shoulders with glee!

Well, this is one of those times for me! I could sit for a long time (even longer until I sort out the glitchy wireless connection!), reading through the Step-by-Step's to make sure I've set-up my blog correctly, but hell, where's the fun in that? If I go directly to publishing my first blog, I'm fairly sure I'll get helpful new blogger friends, all kind enough to help me sort out glitches, and that has to be more fun than being solo and silent in preparation. Basically, cutting to the chase - I CAN'T WAIT TO START MEETING NEW PEOPLE ONLINE - AND GETTING OUT INTO THE VIRTUAL WORLD - AND TALKING ABOUT STUFF!

I'm based in a chocolate-box terraced cottage (economy size), located in the heart of a medium-size town in the Scottish Borders, which is an hour from Edinburgh, and two hours from the Scotland/England border. I love my life here, but sometimes it can get a tad CLAUSTROPHOBIC! The town has a population of about 8000 souls. it's big enough that you can live for years here without anyone knowing you, but small enough that you can arrive one week and have already made friends by the next. I seem to be a "well kent [known] face" as I've lived and worked in the heart of the town for quite a while now. I'm also quite talkative most of the time, and I do tend to be seen, for one reason or another, carrying odd objects around the town fairly frequently (it was a lipstick-pink, child-size fishing net last Saturday.*).

I also tend to be rather enthusiastic about things.

Which is why half the town has already been subjected to a rolling LIP Service (Copyright 2010) - (can anyone tell me where I can get/how to insert symbols into blog please?) * blog from me, informing them of my daily progress from "not connected at home" to "CONNECTED- Yipppeeeeee!" . I can't say that there are dozens of people waiting with baited breath (well, I could, but I'd probably be lying, but thenagain, how would I actually know how many people are waiting, but at a guess, I doubt it's dozens), but there are one or two. Maybe even three, and my brother abroad makes it four or so. Anyway, these two or three people are going to be offered the amazing chance to be exposed to the, generally lightweight, if not downright rubbish, of what I happen to be thinking about at any given time. And so are you.........

Lucky them!
Lucky you!
Lucky me!

What am I going to talk about??? Will there be actual descriptions of life in a Scots sitting room??? Will there be recurring characters appearing??? Will there be a storyline, or will it be diary-entry form??? Will I tell you, in detail, about my cooking adventures??? Will I always use three question marks where one would do?????? (apparently not - sometimes I'll use MORE!). Will there be anything of interest to you - ever - in this blog???

I don't know how I'm going to contain my excitement! - suggestions welcome!

Thanks for reading,
Haste ye back!*

*Do you, like me, have to stop and think about how to spell this word when you write it? if you answered "Yes!", do you find it ironic that a word describing immediate action actually holds everything up when you're trying to spell the damn thing???!

*Look out for upcoming blog on this - it was a very enlightening experience!

*LIP Service (c symbol pending) = Live, In Person Service. In other words, telling people face to face in the old school stylee.

*"Haste ye back!" - a traditional Scottish farewell, especially heartfelt if the host has lent the guest money.

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